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The Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute. Discover new opportunities in Ontario’s wine research cluster and to strengthen Canada’s national grape and wine strategy. Unique, relevant continuing education courses and events for the industry and general public

Grape Growers of Ontario

21336f_4bc916d79d18459495d1f45af9b4cd79.jpeg_400We are the advocates of all processing grape growers in Ontario working on their behalf to ensure their grape growing needs are met.

KCMS Applied Research and Consulting


KCMS is an academically recognized independent consulting firm with professional training and more than 25 years experience in research and delivery to the tender fruit and grape industry. Site has research data on bud hardiness and viability

University of Guelph

Unknown-6 Vineland Campus. The viticulture program includes breeding and cultivar evaluation, rootstock and Vineland management, irrigation, nutrition, and soil management studies

Wine Council of Ontario



Welcome to the Wineries of Ontario. Your perfect getaway is closer than you think. As well as discovering some of the most scenic places in Canada, we invite you to immerse yourself in the “total experience” of Ontario’s regions by travelling the wine route.

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


Check out the Rural Economic Development (RED) Program and the Ontario Market Investment Fund (OMIF) for great funding opportunities

Winery & Grower Alliance of Ontario


The WGAO is an alliance of leading wineries and grape growers working together to ensure the entire Ontario wine industry are robust, sustainable and profitable today, tomorrow and for many years to come.



Fruit Wines of Ontario

Unknown-10This association is dedicated to maintaining high standards of quality for the fruit wines of our province. Farmers, Winemakers and industry specialists work together to ensure the products we bring to the market are top quality ambassadors for our exciting world of fruit wine.


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