Luck of the Irish.
Green Beer.

You guessed it! Next week is St Patricks and we know that this is a day
where (a little bit of) beer is consumed. Don’t worry because we’ve got 5 stellar local recommendations for you to try out for this St Patty’s Day (Thursday March 17th)

  1. Concession Road Brewing – Crossroads Sour: We don’t judge if there’s a celebratory St Patty’s day brunch with beer + pancakes. You know what would be the perfect companion? Concession Road Brewing’s Mandarinia Sour. A dry hopped sour brewed with Mandarinia Bravaria Hops which helps give it a light sweet flavour of mandarine oranges. With 5.25% alc./vol it’s the perfect sidekick to your brunch. 
  1. New Limburg – Quad: This Belgian style quadrupel is a full, warming, dark ale that showcases flavours of berries, plum, raisin and cherry. It’s considered an ‘extra strong’ beer with a higher alcohol content of 10.6% alc./vol. It’s recommended to be served only slightly chilled between 10-14 degrees celsius. We suggest sipping this one!
  1. Meuse Brewing – 8 Dark Strong Ale: This award-winning ale is one you that you’ll want to add to your St Patty’s day line up. Inspired by some of Meuse’s favourite Belgian examples, 8 gives you a rich dark malty base with notes of dark red fruits. Perfect for sipping around the campfire at the end of the day. A little higher in alcohol for a beer with 9% alc./vol. 
  1. Charlotteville Brewing – Local 519: An ode to Norfolk, called Local 519 can be (and should be) enjoyed anywhere you go.
    An English Pale Ale that is perfect to have with your fish + chips. It’s malt forward, and nicely balanced with a gentle hop presence. Golden in colour with aromas of honey, biscuit and a hint of raisin. 4.9% alc./vol allows for you to have a pint or two with dinner.
  1. Hometown Brew – Blueberry Saison: Norfolk County is known for its bountiful farming and Hometown Brew created a classic that should make you St Patty’s list. 
    Blueberry Saison is a fruity old world saison with crisp herbal hop character that creates a fresh and vibrant finish. You’ll taste some spice and clove from the yeast which is accompanied by a light malt sweetness. Locally grown blueberries continue to a beautiful mauve haziness.  6.0% alc./vol.

Cheers to local, and cheers to the Irish. Find something new this St.Patrick’s day, and drink local.


Author: Administrator OSCWGA

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