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The Frisky Beaver and Smoke & Gamble brands are both available in Port Dover at Rapscallion Wine Company. Frisky Beaver, the easy-drinking wines people can’t help but give a dam about, feature their delicious reds and white blends, a blush, bubbly and Icewine. There’s something for everyone!

Smoke & Gamble wines are some of Norfolk County’s most exciting wines. They spend more time in barrel, which is more than just expensive decoration! Barrel aging contributes structure, body and tannin, softening the wine to form a richer, more complex flavour. Barrel aging brings out the pepper and blends the aromas of a newly opened cigar box with burning harvest leaves.

Come visit us at the winery or patio to try our various products. During the summer, sip and enjoy live music from local artists.


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