Rush Creek Wines

Bonnie established the Carolinian Winery & Eatery in May 2011. The Carolinian’s winery and manufacturing business started to take on a brand of its own and the decision was made to move the Carolinian’s manufacturing and retail licenses over to Rush Creek Wines in Aylmer. We will be incorporating the former Carolinian wines along with the Rush Creek Wines, forming the new brand of  Rush Creek Wines. Previously, this was a 100% fruit winery, but as we move forward the production will be an 80/20 percent split. Grape wines will be coming out periodically with Riesling and Merlots blends that have been the Carolinian’s favourites.

As of November 7th, 2017, Winemaker Ron Barr has become the new owner of Rush Creek Wines. Bonnie remains a part of the team as the official Wine Taster – if a wine isn’t ready for retail, it sits until it is just right. Continuing on Bonnie’s and Rush Creek’s legacy, Ron strives to continue offering the best fruit wines in Ontario.



Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday 11am-5pm
Friday to Saturday 11am-6pm

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48995 Jamestown Line, RR # 2 Aylmer, ON N5H 2R2
T: (519) 773-5432