Charlotteville Brewing Company

Being nestled in the Carolinian forest, we are surrounded by a lush, ecological habitat that is home to unique flora and fauna such as: the tulip tree, pawpaw, and the rare southern flying squirrel. As Ontario’s first estate craft brewery, our mission is to offer guests high quality, authentic, artisanal, food and drink made from ingredients that were planted, nurtured, and harvested using an agro-ecological methodology.

At Charlotteville Brewing Company, everything is done with the environment and future in mind. 90% of water used is recaptured through our closed loop system, and spent grains are composted so they can go back to nourish the hops and gardens. All food made at the estate is made with the Slow Food movement in mind. The Slow Food Movement encourages consumers to be conscious of how their food is produced and consumed, while creating a connection between our food choices and its impact on health, environment, and society. This mindset motivates us throughout the year to preserve, ferment, dehydrate, freeze, smoke, cure, and pickle a wide variety of seasonal items that we grow ourselves, forage for, or purchase from local farms in the surrounding area.

Come visit us to enjoy tours of the farm and brewery, sip and dine on our patio, and enjoy live music from local artists.


Bottle and Retail Shop

Friday: 1pm -8pm

Saturday: 12pm-8pm

Sunday:12pm -6pm

Tap Room and Patio

Saturday to Sunday 11am-9pm

 Find Us

1207 Charlotteville West Quarter Line, Simcoe, ON N3Y 4K1
T: (519) 550-2433