Winery of the Month: Wooden Bear L Winery Inc.

Wooden Bear Winery

Located in the heart of Ontario’s Garden, Wooden Bear L Winery is well known for their award winning fruit wines and cider. Run by Kim and her friendly staff, visiting the winery is always a pleasure.

Their winemaking philosophy is to produce small batches of product using locally sourced ingredients and less abrasive procedures to retain and enhance natural flavours, aromas, colours, and textures — which is reflected in their award winning Bear Claw Hard Cider. It is a traditional English dry cider that’s clear with intense apple aromas. A popular hit among the locals. Another one of their most popular wines is Gala. Made from Gala apples, it is dry yet smooth, featuring the strong apple and citrus flavours the fruit is known for.

With a glass of wine in hand, the gazebo is a great place to relax and mingle with friends. From here you can see the orchards and farms behind the winery, enjoy the beautiful weather, or even catch a movie playing outdoors. The winery also sells seasonal fruit and produce fresh from their farm as well, so it’s well worth the trip to come back frequently to see what’s available and have a chat with the staff.

Winery of the Month: Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery

Nestled among the picturesque farmlands of Waterford, Bonnieheath Estate is a scenic rural retreat with the sophistication of an estate winery. Upon entering, you are greeted by their friendly dog Lucy, and immersed in the soothing scent of lavender. Wandering through the winery, an assortment of wines and ciders are displayed with locally made products such as jewelry and soap featured throughout. Despite being a tiny room, the lavender boutique’s stark contrast to the rustic feeling of the winery is an experience in itself. From floor to ceiling, lavender products are beautifully arranged on their shelves and tables showcasing bath and body products, culinary products, candles, essential oils, and many more hidden gems. Time almost seems to slow down as one carefully examine each product and breathe in the smell of lavender in the air.

Stepping out of the lavender boutique, you return to reality completely refreshed. The bar is staffed with friendly and knowledgeable employees, making the wine tasting an even more delightful experience. Their Lavender Gris is a unique dessert wine. It has a wonderful lavender aroma, with a delicious honey flavour. With a fuller body compared to their Lavender Ice wine, the Lavender Gris feels like a warm hug, presenting a full body experience when tasting the wine.

In stark contrast to their wines, Folkin’ Hard ciders have a refreshing kick that complements the chuckle that comes with the punny name. Using apples grown in their own orchard, four ciders are created. In the Face is an off-dry, refreshingly light cider, with a kick that is true to name. Cherry Pickin is a semi-sweet apple and cherry cider that is pink in colour. Aside from these two mainline ciders, both seasonal ciders are truly unique, featuring tart and sweet flavours with hints of maple and lavender respectively. Available from March to May is their Sweet Lips strawberry maple cider. For blueberry and lavender season, True Blue blueberry lavender cider that was launched on Canada Day 2017.

With a glass of wine in hand, it’s time to take a leisurely stroll through expansive lavender fields, vineyards, and orchards. Bonnieheath is also a part of Norfolk County’s ALUS program. As a part of this program, native prairie grasses and wildflowers are planted to promote wildlife biodiversity and maintain a wetland on their property. When you talk with Anita, one of the owners of Bonnieheath, she highly recommended visitors to take a walking tour of the property. After exploring the farm, a bowl of delicious lime, lavender, and blueberry sherbet while watching the sunset on their deck is the perfect way to end such an eventful day at the winery.

There is always something to do at Bonnieheath, look forward to their annual LavenderFest and many events throughout the year!

Inside Inasphere Wines

This past Saturday, the OSCWGA was visiting Inasphere Wines, to check out the store and enjoy the views from the Muskoka chairs.

The environment at Inasphere Wines is amazing. The views from the Muskoka chairs were beautiful, and you could even see a clear view of Turkey Point, all the way over to Long Point. But if you look just down the hill, you can see a clear view of the Inasphere vineyards!

Inside the Inasphere retail store, you can immediately sense the ambience and the setting is just perfect. Inasphere also offers a patio just out front of their retail store, which provides a shaded view for those looking to sip and taste. Inasphere has a vast variety of wines, from dry Riesling to Cabernet Franc, Inasphere has a wine to fit anyone’s palate.

Winery of the Month: Blueberry Hill Estates Winery

Also located on St. Williams’ Front Road at Norfolk County’s oldest commercial blueberry farm is the beautiful Blueberry Hill Estate Winery. It is family owned and operated, the farmhouse converted into a charming, rustic retail store. Inside the farmhouse, there is a wide assortment of products to browse through. Here, you can browse through their selection of fruit and grape wines and ciders, followed by farm preserves, locally-sourced artisanal goods, and Hounds of Erie ciders. Beyond the store is a cute cafe, offering homemade baked goods (the blueberry crumble is to die for), coffee, and tea.

Winemaker Nick Vranckx’s winemaking philosophy is to let the fruits true character speak out through minimal intervention in the cellar. Their signature Blueberry wine embodies his vision perfectly with its peppery flavour and blueberry notes. The Vidal-Blackberry Fizz is a fun and refreshing sparkling wine, perfect on its own or to mix into a cocktail or sangria. It has a enticing berry aroma, sweet fruity flavour that finishes crisp and citrusy from the vidal in it that leaves you wanting more.

Aside from the winery, there is a flourishing seasonal farm market for visitors to purchase farm fresh or locally-produced goods such as baked goods, blueberries, blueberry honey, maple syrup, salsa and relishes, jams and jellies, pickled vegetables and more! In the summer they also have a pick-your-own program, a popular activity among visitors. Whether it be a relaxing in their cafe or patio, taking a golf cart tour of the vineyards or orchards, or leisurely browsing through the farm market, there is always something to do at the winery.

Brewery of the Month: Blue Elephant Craft Brew House

Right in the heart of Simcoe is the Blue Elephant Craft Brew House. Since Heather’s return to Norfolk county in 2012, she has transformed the Blue Elephant from a Thai cuisine restaurant into the craft brewery that we all know and love today. It is modeled after European pub houses, offering great food and drink, and a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

It’s always busy at the brew house, Sarah, the new brewmaster, is constantly coming up with new ideas and experimenting with different ingredients and beer styles. She follows a scientific approach to brewing, beginning with intense research about ingredients and different aspects related to brewing, create calculations to estimate results, and constantly revising the recipe with each tweak done to the brew. With such a thorough brewing process from start to finish, you can expect no less than perfection in each glass of beer.

At any given time, 9-10 beers are available to try, with 4 mainliners available year round. Last summer we sampled Wizard’s Butter Brew, a Harry Potter inspired lager, and Rhubarb Saison, a golden hazy beer with balanced bitterness and tart Rhubarb finish. Now, we can’t wait to see what seasonal brews will be on tap this summer.

Meanwhile, the mainliners are classic styles perfect for any occasion. The Gentlemen’s Pilsner is a European style pilsner with a nice hop and malt undertone. It was also the official beer for the Mumford and Son’s Festival in 2013, a great source of pride for the Blue Elephant. The Red Devil is an auburn ale created for easy drinking because of its balanced hop, malty, and crisp taste and nose. Lastly, the hugely popular Strawberry Lager is made with local strawberries, and a silver award winning brew!

There is always something brewing at the Blue Elephant, we can’t wait to try what’s going to be on tap next or create our very own beer through their Brew Camp program.

Winery of the Month: Inasphere Wines

St. Williams’ Front Road has become a booming region for winemakers, which is currently home to three wineries. Located at the Bosgoed Family Farm, Inasphere Wines opened its doors in 2015. It is perfectly situated on the top of a hill, overlooking the many acres of the farm, vineyards, and reclaimed Long Point marshlands that gives Inasphere its unique charm.

When you first arrive, you are welcomed by an adorable vegetable stand stocked with farm fresh produce sits at the end of the driveway and barking of the friendly family dog. The retail shop is small yet welcoming, featuring a small, but growing selection of wine. Chatting Ryan and Shantel Bosgoed, you can tell how the farm and the winery are their pride and joy.

Not quite a rose, or a white wine. The Grey Area, is made with a blend of white and red pinot noir grapes. When bottled initially, the wine is white, but as it ages it gains a beautiful red colour. Like a sunset in a bottle, it is the perfect wine to sip on while watching the sun set over the farm in the patio or reclined in the adirondack chairs. It has a sweet aroma with hints of honey and a smooth finish. This wine has been extremely well received, selling out in about a month after its first release. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy this beautiful wine again!

The colourful barn, surrounding greenery, and vast fields are a sight to behold. Norfolk County’s small town, rural charm can be felt throughout from their friendly and down to earth staff to the vegetable stand at the end of their driveway. Described wonderfully as a hidden gem by customers and visitors, Inasphere Wines is certainly worth another visit.

Winery of the Month: Frisky Beaver | Smoke & Gamble

Just minutes away from the beaches of Port Dover, Richard of Rapscallion Wine Company presents Frisky Beaver and Smoke & Gamble Cellars, two award winning wineries showcasing different sides of wine that many love and enjoy. The interior of the winery is grand and beautiful, with chandeliers, harvest table, and decor that brings out a chic feel.

Frisky Beaver was inspired by how Canadians get frisky after drinking. They also strive to showcase the fun and flirty part of wine. Witty names like their Shades of Grey Chardonnay and Blushing Beaver Rose never fail to crack a smile as you browse through the large selection of wine. Now we kind of know what you’re thinking. The movie and book series 50 Shades of Grey became insanely popular over the past few years, but the staff didn’t even know of the movie and book series’ existence before naming the Chardonnay Shades of Grey! If you’re a fan of the series, this frisky wine now has a whole other meaning to it now. Also from Frisky Beaver is their Crappy Wine, a satisfying red wine made for the person who doesn’t know a thing about wine. A stark contrast to the Smoke & Gamble label, this wine still holds up on its own against its darker counterpart.

For those who wishes to explore a deeper side to their palette, Smoke & Gamble pays homage to the three vices: drinking, smoking, gambling. Here, barrel-aging is the key to build body, tannin, and form a richer, more complex flavour that perfectly complements a newly opened box of cigars. Smoke & Gamble are also innovative in their winemaking, being the originator of the Dry Ice process. Their Dry Ice is a unique icewine made from this process. First, the grapes are dried appassimento style in re-purposed tobacco kilns. Then, long after the temperature has dropped below freezing, the frozen grapes are then pressed.  This results in a less sweet than traditional icewine with hints of portlike flavours, smokey character, and hints of spices and nuttiness.

Richard has big things planned for the wineries… From relabeling efforts, patio events, to Norfolk County events, and more, we hope this winery makes it to your summer bucket list.

Brewery of the Month: Railway City Brewing Co.

Right in the hustle and bustle of St. Thomas, Railway City Brewing Co. combine the basic building blocks of beer –water, malt, hops, and yeast– with the goal of producing a pint of beer that is harmoniously balanced and highly approachable. Entering the brewery, it is bright and lively. To the right is Railway City merchandise full of clothing, railway spike bottle openers, and drinkware followed by fridges full of a large assortment of beers. Throughout the year, 9 mainliners are offered along with a minimum of 3 seasonal specials.

The brewers are especially inspired by St. Thomas’ history. Their Iron Spike brews inspired by the railway tracks the run through the city and their famous Dead Elephant IPA inspired by Jumbo the Elephant, who passed away in a railway accident. As a tribute to Jumbo’s death anniversary, Railway City releases the Double Dead Elephant IPA every September 15th. This IPA has double the hops, with aromas of peach, cantaloupe, and cotton candy. Ingredients also serve as a huge source of inspiration for the brewers, resulting many experimental beers and releases throughout the year. For example, even though they do not grow their own hops, the brewers work closely with Elgin County growers and even brew one-off Farmhouse ales.


Aside from the creative brewers always at the drawing board, the brewery is also very involved with the community. Frequently hosting yoga and beer nights, wood fired pizza every Friday and Saturday with Elgin Harvest, games nights, paint nites, and “Social Taps”, in which proceeds goes towards a different local charity each month. In addition to all these activities you can often find Railway City in some beer festival, near or far.

To top things off, Railway City Brewing Co. hosts a Platform Competition every May, celebrating the art of homebrewing and love of craft beer. Many breweries began from homebrewing hobbies, which is why Railway City  provides a platform for homebrewers to create something special to keep the creative process alive and well throughout the craft brewing industry. As a result, the winners of the competition will receive cash prizes and have their signature brew bottled and released as a seasonal offering later in the year.

For the love of craft beer and the community, the engine is always running at Railway City Brewing Co. We hope this is a train you’re willing to hop on as well.

Winery of the Month: Burning Kiln Winery

Part of a booming winemaking region along St. William’s Front Road, Burning Kiln is perfectly situated on top of the escarpment overlooking the Long Point Bay World Biosphere Reserve. Formerly a former tobacco farm, the original tobacco pack barn has been repurposed into the winery. Much of the historic building has been preserved, while contemporary glass walls allows visitors to observe the winemaking process. The tobacco drying kilns have also been repurposed to create appassimento style wines.

Burning Kiln combines scenic and idyllic charm as the forests meets the lush countryside, the vineyards stretching out to join the two. Entering the winery, there is the bar to the left and seating in the room on the right, where you can see how the wines are made. Making our way to the bar to grab a glass of wine, sampling their Planter Pinot Gris. It’s crisp, clean, and tangy with citrus aromas. Lemon and lime zest persists, followed by clean, refreshing acidity — perfect to sip on while touring the winery.

The tour follows the winemaking process chronologically, beginning with pressing, fermentation, barrel ageing, and bottling. Moving on to the 26 acre vineyard,  we learn about the grapes and quality practices. Here, 8 varieties of grapes are grown inlcuding Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Savagnin, and Petit Verdot. The Vineyard Manager, Frank DeLeebeeck, and his crew tends each vine by hand for all aspects of quality control. Through their rigorous vigilance during the winemaking process and vineyard maintenance, everyone’s hardwork is reflected in each glass of wine, which is why Burning Kiln is beloved by so many.

We look forward to visiting come spring and summer, when David’s Restaurant on Tour returns to serve outstanding local cuisine from their Gourmet Food Truck and patio parties are abundant!