Winery of the Month: Frisky Beaver | Smoke & Gamble

Just minutes away from the beaches of Port Dover, Richard of Rapscallion Wine Company presents Frisky Beaver and Smoke & Gamble Cellars, two award winning wineries showcasing different sides of wine that many love and enjoy. The interior of the winery is grand and beautiful, with chandeliers, harvest table, and decor that brings out a chic feel.

Frisky Beaver was inspired by how Canadians get frisky after drinking. They also strive to showcase the fun and flirty part of wine. Witty names like their Shades of Grey Chardonnay and Blushing Beaver Rose never fail to crack a smile as you browse through the large selection of wine. Now we kind of know what you’re thinking. The movie and book series 50 Shades of Grey became insanely popular over the past few years, but the staff didn’t even know of the movie and book series’ existence before naming the Chardonnay Shades of Grey! If you’re a fan of the series, this frisky wine now has a whole other meaning to it now. Also from Frisky Beaver is their Crappy Wine, a satisfying red wine made for the person who doesn’t know a thing about wine. A stark contrast to the Smoke & Gamble label, this wine still holds up on its own against its darker counterpart.

For those who wishes to explore a deeper side to their palette, Smoke & Gamble pays homage to the three vices: drinking, smoking, gambling. Here, barrel-aging is the key to build body, tannin, and form a richer, more complex flavour that perfectly complements a newly opened box of cigars. Smoke & Gamble are also innovative in their winemaking, being the originator of the Dry Ice process. Their Dry Ice is a unique icewine made from this process. First, the grapes are dried appassimento style in re-purposed tobacco kilns. Then, long after the temperature has dropped below freezing, the frozen grapes are then pressed.  This results in a less sweet than traditional icewine with hints of portlike flavours, smokey character, and hints of spices and nuttiness.

Richard has big things planned for the wineries… From relabeling efforts, patio events, to Norfolk County events, and more, we hope this winery makes it to your summer bucket list.